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Read, comment, and rate: SPOOK by Gabe McClure

Tomorrow is the last day for rating manuscripts during this round of Swoon. There are a few books that I have my fingers (arms, legs, and eyes) crossed for, but none more than SPOOK. You may have noticed the love fest on Twitter between SPOOK’s author, Gabe McClure, and I. I found her Twitter account listed on her Swoon profile after I read SPOOK (and basically became its NUMBER 1 FAN GIRL) and I had to reach out to her to let her know how freaking good her series is! (For those wondering, I don’t know Gabe in real life and we weren’t friends before I read SPOOK.)

Seriously though folks, SPOOK is so good. It’s so funny and well written, and the main cast are such a motley crew… for all intents and purposes they shouldn’t work as friends, but they do!  Plus, how could you not want the handsome and lovable Ace Montgomery as your (demon) book boyfriend? 😉

I’m not the only one totally in love with the spooky (heehee, see what I did there?) town that Gabe’s created. A quick look through comments on her page will tell you that although it doesn’t have as many ratings as some other books, the people who have read it love it, and I think that’s amazing. 🙂 It’s currently rated 5/5 hearts, presumably by sixteen people (the number next to the heart ratings). Do you know how difficult it is to get my two children to agree on what to eat for dinner, and yet SIXTEEN STRANGERS could come together and agree that SPOOK is so great that it deserves 5 out of 5 hearts?

To summarize: SPOOK is amazing. You should read it. Like, soon. Preferably before voting ends. Please?

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  1. First of all, I love you. Love love love LOVE you. Second, I adore this post! Oooobviously. I’ve probably read it a hundred times, tbh. You’re so sweet and kind and I really appreciate you (in general) taking the time to write up something like this, along with all your crazy awesome support (with so many different things and projects)! You are seriously the best. And I love your little quote graphics, with the little bats, so so so cute. And yes, Ace IS bae. 🙂

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