In Which I Interview Myself, Part II

SHQ: Spencer Hoshino Question

SHA: Spencer Hoshino Answer


SHQ: Welcome back, Spencer and Readers, to part two of “In Which I Interview Myself”.
SHA: It’s nice to be back. I hope you don’t have any hard hitting questions for me. *breaks out into cold sweat*
SHQ: You can breath – this interview is mostly a fluff piece anyway. 😉
SHA: Phew!

SHQ: Okay, here’s something that’s been bugging readers… why doesn’t Nox have any hobbies or interests outside of Vilvian?
SHA: I didn’t realize that was something that was problematic until it was brought up. Part of it goes back to what I said in our first interview – that he doesn’t know anything but her, so he doesn’t know any better but another part of it is that I simply didn’t think to make him his own person. This is rectified in the revised version of Paper Wishes where he accepts that he can’t be with her while they work, and tries to make his own friends and gain his own hobbies outside of what she’s interested in.

SHQ: That’s great! What kind of interests does Nox have now?
SHA: It’s expressed in passing because it’s something he does when he’s not around Vilvian, but he’s learned how to play the guitar! Pretty cool, huh?

SHQ: Yeah, that is pretty cool! Wouldn’t it be great if learning how to play a musical instrument was as easy as writing about it? *laugh*
SHA: Definitely! I’m not musically inclined. It’s terrible. Really terrible. On a side note, my husband is (he took band in Intermediate school) and I keep telling him he has until our fifteenth anniversary to learn how to play the violin for me. Hehe.

SHQ: Going back to your response to my first question… you’ve revised Paper Wishes?
SHA: Oh, yes. Definitely. I spent about two weeks digging through it, removing scenes and adding some. I thought I was done but I received this really detailed critique of the version on Swoon that made me go, “Hm..” so I’ve re-opened the document and started going through it again.

SHQ: Interesting! Do you mind if I ask what your favorite scene in the revised version is?
SHA: Ahhhh… that’s a tough one. There are quite a few new scenes, and even a new character (who I absolutely adore and makes me swoon.) Jeez, I feel the pressure here. Um… I guess if I had to pick one scene that was my favorite, there’s one where Vilvian, Nox, Jez, and Tsubasa (the new character) have lunch together and the scene is punny and even when I think about it now I can’t help but to laugh.

SHQ: Can you give us any more details?
SHA: Er… better not to, I think, then no one will want to read my revised novel. Ha..ha..ha.. *wringing hands*

SHQ: *tapping pencil on notepad* Did you hear that Pepsi changed the main ingredient in Diet Pepsi?
SHA: *indignant* YES! WHY WOULD THEY MESS WITH PERFECTION? W-wait, how is that related to Paper Wishes?

SHQ: It’s not, I just wanted your opinion. (Mwahahaha!)
SHA: Are we running short on questions?

SHQ: *sheepish* Yeah, I spent the last couple of months trying to think of more questions but I couldn’t think of anything. Today’s questions were created on the fly. Haha.
SHA: *facepalm* Okay, maybe we should end the interview now.

SHQ: Okay, so… that’s all for now, people! Spencer is there anything else you’d like to add?
SHA: Yes! I’ve been posting the revised version of Paper Wishes to Wattpad. If you have the chance to read it, please vote! Thank you!

SHQ/SHQ: See you later, everyone! 🙂

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