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Hello, friends! 🙂

I wanted to take a minute to write a blog thanking everyone who has supported my Patreon, and in turn, The Magical Girl Series. I’m shocked and grateful that I have patrons. T^T Every little bit helps, and I hope to someday be able to make enough money through writing to make it my full-time job, so I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for everyone’s support. Don’t get me wrong–having my Lucky Stars and the readership & support that you all offer me is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for in my wildest dreams. The fact that anyone reads my work makes my heart feel like exploding with joy. T^T But, being able to write full-time would be a dream come true! Especially because then my Lucky Star babies wouldn’t need to wait forever for updates. (I feel bad making everyone wait!)

Speaking of updates… my patrons on Patreon receive updates about my work before anyone else. They find out when I’m done writing chapters for certain works, when they have been sent off for editing, and when they will be posted. 🙂

Regardless of whether you support me on Patreon, or not, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support & kindness. 🙂

See you all on Wattpad and social media! Sending lots of love from the Realm of Magical Girls ~ 💖

Paper Wishes on Tapas

Hello friends,

I wanted to blog about this earlier but life grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let me go. 😂

This past Valentine’s Day (my birthday!) Tapas Media released Paper Wishes as an e-book in bite-sized episodes on their website and app (available on iOS and Android). I’m so touched by the support I’ve received from Tapas (especially the Director of Content Gabby Luu) & Tapas readers. 😭 If you’re a busy person looking for quick bite-sized chapters you can read on-the-go, whether you’re commuting to work or school or you’re looking for a quick read during your lunch break, Tapas is the perfect option! It’s especially great for students or those who try to stay within budget (like me! *high-five*) because they allow you to earn coins to unlock chapters or tip creators by watching short ads. Each ad varies in coin value, so you might be surprised by how much you earn in a short amount of time!

I hope you all will take the time to check out the Tapas app and support some of the creators on it. Some of my favorites are Owlturd Comics, Sarah’s Scribbles, The Book Nook, and, of course (hehe), Paper Wishes!


As always, I’m sending you all lots of love~!💖

Announcing the Valentine’s Giveaway Winners & Prizes

I want to thank everyone who entered my Valentine’s Giveaway. It is thanks to all of you that the giveaway was such a huge success. Thank you again to each and every single one of you who has taken the time to read, vote, and comment on Paper Wishes on Wattpad. I wish I could give every single one of you a great big hug!

While I wish I could send a gift to everyone who entered, there are only two winners. For those of you who are wondering, the winners were selected at random. Rafflecopter uses Random.org to generate a completely random winner. The winners of the giveaway were Kathy (Kai’s Prize Pack) and Janelle (Nox’s Prize Pack). Both of them checked in with me almost immediately after I reached out to them. Congratulations, Kathy and Janelle!

I know there was some curiosity about what the prizes were, so I decided to share that information below. I’ll be mailing the parcels out this week so that they receive their gifts before Valentine’s Day. ❤

Kathy's Prize (Kai Prize Pack)
Kathy’s Prize (Kai Prize Pack)

Kai’s Prize Pack (Estimated Retail Value: $145.00 USD)

  • Liz Lisa Loop Knit Sweater
  • Blue Exorcist Manga Vol. 1
  • Ouran Host Club Playing Cards
  • Ayumi Hamasaki “I am…” CD
  • Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Gummy Land Snack
  • Meiji Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Copic Ciao 12-set
  • Love Omamori Charm
Janelle’s Prize (Nox’s Prize Pack)

Nox’s Prize Pack (Estimated Retail Value: $148.00 USD)

  • Oreo Soft Cookies (Mont Blanc Flavor)
  • Coach Wristlet/Phone Wallet
  • Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Gummy Land Snack
  • Frozen-themed Chocolate Roses
  • Olaf Tsum Tsum
  • Jar of Stars (not pictured)

I am planning on doing another giveaway in the near future, so be sure to follow me on Wattpad and Twitter! I would hate for anyone to miss out. 🙁

One last thing before I go: I decided to self-publish Paper Wishes! It is currently available as an e-book pre-order on Amazon. I will eventually look in to self-publishing it in physical form, but I thought that e-books were a good place to start. If you are interested in purchasing Paper Wishes as an e-book or just want to support your favorite author *elbow nudge, wink wink* go here:


Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This year I am so grateful for so many things, so I thought I’d break them down into a list. (◕‿◕)♡ Presented in no particular order are the things I’m thankful for:

  • The everlasting friendships I have made through writing (Gabe, Kathy, and Macy especially, because you three are a part of my every day life now.♡)
  • All of the feedback I’ve received for Paper Wishes
  • My readers (whom I like to call my lucky stars because you all make me feel so blessed), especially musicfoodieweirdo from Wattpad, who leaves the most passionate comments LOL
  • The happiness and health of my family
  • Friends who have been there for me, especially during this last year


What are you thankful for this year? 🙂

In Which I Interview Myself, Part II

SHQ: Spencer Hoshino Question

SHA: Spencer Hoshino Answer


SHQ: Welcome back, Spencer and Readers, to part two of “In Which I Interview Myself”.
SHA: It’s nice to be back. I hope you don’t have any hard hitting questions for me. *breaks out into cold sweat*
SHQ: You can breath – this interview is mostly a fluff piece anyway. 😉
SHA: Phew!

SHQ: Okay, here’s something that’s been bugging readers… why doesn’t Nox have any hobbies or interests outside of Vilvian?
SHA: I didn’t realize that was something that was problematic until it was brought up. Part of it goes back to what I said in our first interview – that he doesn’t know anything but her, so he doesn’t know any better but another part of it is that I simply didn’t think to make him his own person. This is rectified in the revised version of Paper Wishes where he accepts that he can’t be with her while they work, and tries to make his own friends and gain his own hobbies outside of what she’s interested in.

SHQ: That’s great! What kind of interests does Nox have now?
SHA: It’s expressed in passing because it’s something he does when he’s not around Vilvian, but he’s learned how to play the guitar! Pretty cool, huh?

SHQ: Yeah, that is pretty cool! Wouldn’t it be great if learning how to play a musical instrument was as easy as writing about it? *laugh*
SHA: Definitely! I’m not musically inclined. It’s terrible. Really terrible. On a side note, my husband is (he took band in Intermediate school) and I keep telling him he has until our fifteenth anniversary to learn how to play the violin for me. Hehe.

SHQ: Going back to your response to my first question… you’ve revised Paper Wishes?
SHA: Oh, yes. Definitely. I spent about two weeks digging through it, removing scenes and adding some. I thought I was done but I received this really detailed critique of the version on Swoon that made me go, “Hm..” so I’ve re-opened the document and started going through it again.

SHQ: Interesting! Do you mind if I ask what your favorite scene in the revised version is?
SHA: Ahhhh… that’s a tough one. There are quite a few new scenes, and even a new character (who I absolutely adore and makes me swoon.) Jeez, I feel the pressure here. Um… I guess if I had to pick one scene that was my favorite, there’s one where Vilvian, Nox, Jez, and Tsubasa (the new character) have lunch together and the scene is punny and even when I think about it now I can’t help but to laugh.

SHQ: Can you give us any more details?
SHA: Er… better not to, I think, then no one will want to read my revised novel. Ha..ha..ha.. *wringing hands*

SHQ: *tapping pencil on notepad* Did you hear that Pepsi changed the main ingredient in Diet Pepsi?
SHA: *indignant* YES! WHY WOULD THEY MESS WITH PERFECTION? W-wait, how is that related to Paper Wishes?

SHQ: It’s not, I just wanted your opinion. (Mwahahaha!)
SHA: Are we running short on questions?

SHQ: *sheepish* Yeah, I spent the last couple of months trying to think of more questions but I couldn’t think of anything. Today’s questions were created on the fly. Haha.
SHA: *facepalm* Okay, maybe we should end the interview now.

SHQ: Okay, so… that’s all for now, people! Spencer is there anything else you’d like to add?
SHA: Yes! I’ve been posting the revised version of Paper Wishes to Wattpad. If you have the chance to read it, please vote! Thank you!

SHQ/SHQ: See you later, everyone! 🙂

In Which I Interview Myself

I thought about doing this post in the middle of the night (read as: 3am) and since no bad ideas exist after midnightI thought, “Sure, why not go for it?” So I present it here in all it’s glory. You get to know a little bit** about me and why I wrote Paper Wishes!

SHQ: Spencer Hoshino Question

SHA: Spencer Hoshino Answer


*This is an arbitrary thing that I’ve made up just now. Please don’t take it seriously. m(_ _)m

** Probably too much.


SHQ: Hi, Spencer! How are you doing today?

SHA: Hi, Spencer! I’m doing great, thanks for asking – a little hungry, but I’ll survive. Haha.

SHQ: Your manuscript, Paper Wishes, is up on Swoon Reads right now. What inspired you to write it?

SHA: Well, if you had asked me a few days ago I would have said something like, “This story has been living in my head since back when I was working as a bookseller at Borders…” but yesterday I was listening to music, and the song Moments by Hamasaki Ayumi came on and I had this moment of, like, clarity, where I remembered how it actually got started. Back when I was about… I don’t know, maybe eighteen or nineteen? I started this web comic called “Yume/夢”, which is the Japanese word for dream, and it was basically inspired by that song.



SHQ: What was it about the song that inspired you?

SHA: Just the lyrics and theme of the song overall, I guess. Ayumi is quite a lyricist. When I decided to expand on the story, going from a comic to a novel, I changed the title a couple of times – Paper Wishes being the most recent. The story line was revamped a couple of times, too. Actually, someone mentioned that Paper Wishes read like a manga… It’s funny now that I think about it, because I didn’t realize that’s actually how it started out!

SHQ: Interesting.

SHA: Very.

SHQ: Do you mind if I ask a few questions relating to comments you’ve received?

SHA: Not at all! *experiences intense feelings of anxiety*

SHQ: Thanks. So… Kai is such a likable character. Why would Vilvian need anyone but him? It seems a little unbelievable that she’d have such a great friend and not realize that he was head over heels in love with her.

SHA: *nervous laughter* Um, well, my reasoning was that they’d been so close for so long (read as: since birth) that Vilvian couldn’t read into the obvious signs that he had feelings for her. I mean, they’re naturally very tactile with each other, so short of Kai french kissing her suddenly or professing his undying love for her, I don’t think she would have known.

SHQ: Okay, speaking of them being close, we “get” that they’re BFFs but he’s only two years older than her. Why would Vilv’s mom give him guardianship over her?

SHA:  Vilv’s mom is very open-minded and wanted to do what was right by her daughter, not by what society would have found acceptable. Sure, it’s an uncommon situation, but certainly not an impossible one. Kai is very honorable and had the motivation and means to support Vilvian until she became a legal adult. Because Kai is so close to Vilv, not only in terms of age, but emotionally, that Maya (Vilvian’s mom) knew that he would always do right by her, whereas his parents (work-a-holic father, overly maternal mother) might not have.

SHQ: Why is Nox so needy?

SHA: I struggled with this when I was writing, because that type of, um, obsession, I guess, is only complimentary up to a point before it gets creepy and frustrating. The thing is, Nox is so used to being with Vilvian 24/7, just hanging out in her subconscious until it’s time for her to dream, that he’s floundering in the real world, especially when they have to be apart. I think he gradually starts to come into his own by the end of the book, but no matter how well he acclimates to being real, he’ll always feel more comfortable being around her than not.

SHQ: Going back to Kai for a minute – don’t you think it’s pretty unbelievable that he was so accepting of Nox and the whole backstory?

SHA: I know I’m going to come across as pompous but… no, because the story falls within the paranormal/fantasy romance genre. Unbelievable things are going to happen. I’d like to think that I’ve written Vilv’s character as having a strong moral compass and being pretty forthright, and I think when you’re known for your honesty, people are less likely to doubt what you say – especially if one of those people was your longtime BFF. In actuality, I’ve said some pretty unbelievable things to my BFF that would make a regular person go, “Huh?” I’m not saying that she wouldn’t blanch a little at me telling her that my new BF was actually a celestial being, but I think she’d probably get over it in like, 0.0001 seconds, and ask me how she could make her dream BF a reality, too. Haha. (I have a really great BFF. Everyone should have someone like her in their life. 🙂 )

(On a side note, just because he doesn’t verbalize his doubt, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. As his creator, I reckon that Kai is just too polite to say anything about it.)

SHQ: Nox and Vilvian are pretty loved up, huh?

SHA: Yeah, they are! But it’s early days, so I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. During the first year of dating my then-boyfriend (now-husband), we were so cutesy that it was disgusting. I’d get excited about holding his hand, and I remember there was this one time he came to visit me when I was working at Baskin Robbins and I couldn’t stop smiling – it was this huge shit-eating grin, and I absolutely couldn’t control it. One of the customers made a comment like, “I’d smile, too.” 😉

SHQ: Like you say, it’s early days, so why did he jump the gun and propose by the end of the first book?

SHA: When you know, you know. You know? I mean, I started dating my husband back when I was in high school (hence me working at Baskin Robbins) and pretty early on, maybe a month or two in, he made this comment about how we’d definitely get married someday and how even though he couldn’t afford a ring then, he’d like to make a compromise. The compromise was basically something like, if he bought me ten stuffed animals, it meant we were totally engaged and going to get married. He fulfilled the quota in a month or less. (For those wondering, he proposed “for real” about three years later. An indeterminate number of stuffed animals, promise ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring later… we’re going into almost 12 years of togetherness, and four years of marriage.)

SHQ: Do you think your characters spend too extravagantly on each other? Who does that?

SHA: I know it might seem like they throw their money around, but it’s only because they enjoy buying gifts for their friends. Kai and Nox can afford it, because they have money. Other characters like Vilvian and Nikki need to save up or give gifts in other ways (like Nikki decorating the Paper Wishes shop.) An old best friend of mine, who I’ve lost touch with for more than ten years now, had this saying that was like, “Friends come first, even before myself.” and I really took that to heart. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my close friends, even if I had to scrimp and save to do it, because I think they deserve whatever it is I’m buying for them, and because, selfishly, their happiness feeds my own.

SHQ: Which Paper Wishes character can you relate to the most?

SHA: Vilvian. She just lost her mom to cancer, and has no family to speak of. I, too, lost my mom recently… less than a year ago. It’s very fresh to me,  so when I wrote about the dark period Vilvian went through, it was something I was living through, and had lived through in the past. The truth is, I’m an only child and my family isn’t very close – all the family members I was very close to have passed on, with the exception of a handful of cousins, so if I wasn’t married with children, I’d be very alone (in terms of family.) Like Vilvian, I also struggle with my feelings (particularly the negative ones) and have a difficult time expressing them to my loved ones, instead usually opting to keep them to myself.

SHQ: Which Paper wishes character do you relate to the least?

SHA: Hm… I’m going to have to say Kai, because I don’t think I’m that selfless.

SHQ: Should we continue this interview at a later time?

SHA: Yes, because I’m totally running out of questions to ask myself! LOL See you in episode 2, guys!

bye bye master


If Paper Wishes were a movie…

I think that anyone who has a story in their heart has a “dream cast” in mind, in the event that their story is ever: 1. published; 2. successful; 3. turned into a movie.  (In that order. ◡‿◡ ♡)

Paper Wishes is a long way from getting published (although, hopefully if it’s well received by Swoon Readers, it will be considered for publication) but if it was ever to become a movie, my dream cast would look something like this:

Kiki Sukezane as Vilvian Matsunaga

Sophie Oda as Vilvian Matsunaga

Jenna Ushkowitz as Nikki 


Shay Mitchell as Jezabel


Gregg Sulkin as Nox Bright


and Harry Shum, Jr. as Kai Suzuki


Godfrey Gao as Tsubasa

I might be biased since I’m the one who mentally assembled the cast, but I think this might be the most attractive movie cast in the history of all movies. (♡‿♡) (Plus, Godfrey Gao. I mean, I just can’t with him. He’s too perfect!)

Read, comment, and rate on Swoon!

Read, comment, and rate: SPOOK by Gabe McClure

Tomorrow is the last day for rating manuscripts during this round of Swoon. There are a few books that I have my fingers (arms, legs, and eyes) crossed for, but none more than SPOOK. You may have noticed the love fest on Twitter between SPOOK’s author, Gabe McClure, and I. I found her Twitter account listed on her Swoon profile after I read SPOOK (and basically became its NUMBER 1 FAN GIRL) and I had to reach out to her to let her know how freaking good her series is! (For those wondering, I don’t know Gabe in real life and we weren’t friends before I read SPOOK.)

Seriously though folks, SPOOK is so good. It’s so funny and well written, and the main cast are such a motley crew… for all intents and purposes they shouldn’t work as friends, but they do!  Plus, how could you not want the handsome and lovable Ace Montgomery as your (demon) book boyfriend? 😉

I’m not the only one totally in love with the spooky (heehee, see what I did there?) town that Gabe’s created. A quick look through comments on her page will tell you that although it doesn’t have as many ratings as some other books, the people who have read it love it, and I think that’s amazing. 🙂 It’s currently rated 5/5 hearts, presumably by sixteen people (the number next to the heart ratings). Do you know how difficult it is to get my two children to agree on what to eat for dinner, and yet SIXTEEN STRANGERS could come together and agree that SPOOK is so great that it deserves 5 out of 5 hearts?

To summarize: SPOOK is amazing. You should read it. Like, soon. Preferably before voting ends. Please?

What people are saying:

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