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Chapter 2

(Scene 1 of 5)

Beep, beep, beep…

Hoshi: “Mm…”

I hear an unfamiliar sound and wake up slightly, but the room is still dark.

Hoshi: (What is that noise…?)

I check the time and see that it’s already five in the morning. I look at the sofa and see Noze sitting there, already dressed to go.

Hoshi: “Noze…?”

Noze: “Ahh, I woke you. Sorry.”

Hoshi: “That noise…?”

Noze: “It’s an emergency call.”

He pulls a square object from his pocket as he speaks. He presses a small button and the sound stops.

Hoshi: “At this time…? Did you even get any sleep?”

Noze: “It’s always like this. Being a police officer isn’t easy.”

He smiles bitterly, his eyes sleepy.

Hoshi: “Okay then, I’ll make breakfast…”

Noze: “No, that’s not necessary. I’ll eat at work.”

Hoshi: “Really…?”

Noze worked from the early morning until late at night yesterday too. Seeing how little sleep he actually gets makes me feel worried.

Hoshi: “Are you… alright?”

Noze: “Haha, I’m fine. How’s your memory?”

Hoshi: “Ah, nothing yet…”

Noze: “Yeah? Well, actually…”

Hoshi: “Actually…?”

Noze: “I was thinking you should go to the hospital.”

Hoshi: “The hospital…”

Noze: “There has to be something more effective than just waiting for it to return.”

Hoshi: “…”

Noze: “But if you go alone, I imagined it’d be complicated, what with not knowing your identity.”

Noze: “So when you go, I’ll go with you.”

Hoshi: “Okay…”

Noze: “Just think it over.”

(Scene 2 of 5)

Alone in the apartment, I lie down on the couch and think over what Noze said to me.

Hoshi: (I’ll probably get my memory back if I go to the hospital, but…)

Really thinking about it, my chances of getting it back are much higher there. However, I feel weirdly resistant to the idea of leaving here.

Hoshi: (It’d be great to have my memory back…)

There’s this undeniable, yet vague, fear and anxiety in my head. I know that it definitely has to do with my memory coming back. Opening a door that has been so firmly shut until now sounds frightening.

Hoshi: “…Huh?”

Noze’s apartment looks tidied up. However, I can clearly tell by how few things there are that he never spends time at home. Looking closely, I can see that quite a bit of dust has accumulated.

Hoshi: “I can’t help but just think…”

I decide to clean for a change of pace.

Hoshi: “Phew… I think that’s it.”

I breathe a sigh as I overlook the cleaned room apartment. I rest for a moment, then begin to prepare dinner. There’s something comforting in these household chores.

Hoshi: (I wonder if I was married…?)

I glance at my left hand. There’s no ring, nor is there a sign that one’s been there.

Hoshi: “Is it my imagination…? Anyway, for today…”

I open the refrigerator and see yesterday’s groceries. However, there’s not much left.

Hoshi: “Ah, beer…!”

I forgot to buy beer yesterday when I ran into that fancy woman. I feel like I have to buy beer for Noze as he’s completely worn out when he gets home.

Hoshi: “I should make note of the type…”

There’s plenty left of the money Noze gave me. After checking the amount, I head for the entrance to go out shopping.

(Scene 3 of 5)

Woman: “Whaa!?”

Hoshi: “Huh?”

I head to the front door to see a woman in a fancy dress standing there. She’s holding an identical key to mine and trying to get in.

Woman: “W-Who are you…?”

Hoshi: “The supermarket…?”

There was no mistaking that she was the woman I bumped into. For some reason, this woman was trying to enter Noze’s apartment.

Woman: “H-Hold up a second! Just what are you doing in Noze’s apartment!?”

Hoshi: “I…”

Woman: “Are you his girlfriend, perhaps?”

Hoshi: “No, I’m not. Noze is actually taking care of me…”

Woman: “Taking care of you…? Are you some sort of criminal?”

Hoshi: “What?”

Woman: “…You don’t look like one. What’s your name?”

Hoshi: “My name…”

Mao: “I’m Mao. I’ve come to clean Noze’s apartment.”

Hoshi: “Have you…?”

Mao: “Well, I’ve identified myself. Now you.”

Hoshi: “Um…”

Mao: “Oh? Not going to tell me your name, are you? You’re awful.”

Hoshi: “…”

Mao: “Out of my way. I’m going to clean.”

Hoshi: “I’ve already done it.”

Mao: “Don’t do such unnecessary things!”

Hoshi: “Sorry…”

Mao: “Ugh, you’re so irritating! I’m leaving early!”

Without entering, she turns around and leaves.

Hoshi: “If she comes to clean the house…”

This girl known as Mao is plenty beautiful, even without makeup. It wouldn’t be strange if she had a close relationship with Noze.

Hoshi: “That’s right. He probably has a lover…”

(Scene 4 of 5)

Noze comes home at around eight in the evening.

Noze: “I’m back.”

Hoshi: “Welcome home! You’re back early today.”

Noze: “I somehow managed to give my boss the slip.”

Noze: “Hm? Did you make something today too?”

Hoshi: “Yes! I made meat and potato stew!”

Noze: “Stew! Great! I should probably take a bath before I eat.”

Hoshi: “Okay! In the meantime, I’ll fix you a plate.”

Noze heads for the bathroom and I start preparing his dinner.

(Screen fades to black)

He takes his bath quickly. By the time I’ve set out the plates, he’s already out.

Noze: “Phew! I’m hungry!”

Hoshi: “Hehe, of course. Have a beer.”

Noze: “Oh! How’d you know?”

Hoshi: “You worked hard today.”

After I pour his beer, Noze drinks it all down at once.

Noze: “Ahhh! A beer is always delicious after a bath.”

Hoshi: “Hehe, have some of the stew as well.”

Noze: “Let’s see…”

Noze takes a single bite of the stew and his face lights up with surprise.

Noze: “It’s so delicious! This is the best stew I’ve ever had!”

Hoshi: “Ahaha, you’re exaggerating.”

Noze: “No way! Seriously, it’s amazing!”

He happily tackles his meal. Watching him, I find myself feeling happy too.

(Scene 5/5)

Noze: “Is it okay to be this happy, I wonder? It kind of feels like we’ve become a couple.”

Hoshi: “Huh…?”

Noze: “Ah, sorry. That was a weird thing to say…”

【Options: 1. “I’m glad…”, 2. “R-Really!?”, 3. “I feel the same way.”】

Hoshi: “I’m glad…”

Noze: “Huh?”

Hoshi: “If someone like you were my husband, I think I’d enjoy every day.”

Noze: “U-Umm…! Anyway! Is there anymore beer?”

Hoshi: “Ah, yes.”

Slowly drinking his beer, Noze avoids the conversation. When I brought the beer to the table, I had been thinking about that Mao woman.

Hoshi: “Umm… a woman came by this afternoon…”

Noze: “Huh? Really?”

Hoshi: “Are you in a relationship?”

When I finally manage to ask the question, Noze gives me a complicated look.


Preview – Next Episode Preview

Noze: “Can you not sleep?”

Noze: “…Want to talk a little?”

Hoshi: “…Huh? This place…”

Hoshi: “I… know this place!”

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