Other Works

Spencer has 5 stories on the Tap app by Wattpad:

 – The Restaurant, famed for their pork dishes that have a Fountain of Youth effect, is the It place to dine. With a wait list that spans over a year, only the ultra rich can afford to eat there. Come in and find out what makes their food so special…

The Birthday Wish – Feeling a little lonely on her birthday in a new place with no friends nearby, Sachiko is led to a bakery through mysterious circumstances. It is there that she is given a cupcake & birthday candle to wish upon. Will her birthday wish come true?

Free Wi-Fi – All Ai wants to do is chat with her boyfriend, who is studying abroad. When her modem dies her only choice is to borrow the neighbor’s Wi-Fi. What could go wrong?

Kagami – Aly is running late to meet up with her friend Emi. Emi isn’t surprised at all. Aly is constantly tardy. After a strange incident with her mirror, Aly will never be late for anything ever again.

Umami – What happens when two friends who met in an MMPORG finally exchange phone numbers? Can awkward jokes turn into something more?