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Chapter 3

(Scene 1 of 5)

A woman named Mao had come by in the afternoon while Noze was gone.

When I brought up the story, Noze’s expression grew clouded.

Noze: “I’m not in a relationship.”

Hoshi: “But she has a duplicate key to clean. I figured you guys were incredibly close.”

Noze: “… What was Mao saying?”

Hoshi: “That she came to clean the apartment…”

Noze: “What so..? Well, that’s not the real reason why.”

Hoshi: “Really…?”

Noze: “She’ll probably come by again. If so, please try to get along with her for me.”

Hoshi: “Okay…”

Noze ends the conversation there and returns to his food.

There’s something harsh in his attitude that causes anxiety to flare within me.

(Screen fades to black)

Noze: “Thanks for cooking! It was great!”

Hoshi: “Want another beer?”

Noze: “No I think it’s time for bed. I feel like I’ll sleep well.”

We decide to go to bed early after finishing dinner.

Unsurprisingly, Noze tries to fleep on the sofa.

Noze: “Alright then, night.”

Hoshi: “U-um…”

Noze: “Hm?”

Hoshi: “If you sleep on the sofa, you won’t get very much rest, will you?”

Noze: “Ahh, it’s alright. I sleep on the sofa fairly often normally.”

Hoshi: “But…”

Noze: “It’s fine, really. Besides, you’re the one who needs to be sleeping well.”

Noze: “So your memory will come back sooner, no?”

Hoshi: “…”

Noze is making me top priority.

That makes me glad, yet I Find myself feeling very sad about it as well…


(Scene 2 of 5)

Even though I’m in bed, I find myself unable to sleep.

Mao’s sharp expression and Noze’s smile are flashing through my mind.

Hoshi: (I wonder if I’m causing a rift between the two by being here…?)

Noze just happened to protect me because he’s such a kind person.

I’m sure there are no feelings beyond that between us.

Maybe if I got my memory back quicker, Noze could return to his everyday life.

My presence is nothing but a nuisance to those two.

Hoshi: (But Earlier… Noze said…)

(Screen fades to white)

Noze: “This is nice, isn’t it? It’s almost like we’re a couple.”

(Screen fades to black)

Hoshi: (Were those his true feelings…?)

After he said that, he flushed red with embarrassment. I feel warm just thinking about it.

Hoshi: (If we could continue on like this, with me never remembering anything…)

It’s a selfish thought, but I can’t help but to be drawn to the idea.

Hoshi: (Noze…)

I slowly rise up and look over at the couch.

Noze seems to be sleeping, not moving in the slightest. I get out of bed and walk close to him.

Hoshi: “…”

I find  myself wondering just what I’m doing when I get there.

All I do is quietly sit on the floor on the floor next to the couch.

Noze: “Hnn…”

Hoshi: “Ah…”

Noze: “Huh…? Hoshi, what is it?”

Hoshi: “U-umm…”

Noze: “Can you not sleep?”

Hoshi: “I can’t, but… it’s fine. Sorry.”

Noze: “… Want to talk a little?”


(Scene 3 of 5)

Noze gets up and sits on the floor next to me.

Then he places a blanket on me. It’s much warmer than the bed.

Noze: “Oh, how about we talk about why I decided to become a police officer?”

Hoshi: “Sure…”

Noze: “My original reason was that I lost my parents in an accident.”

Hoshi: “What? Your parents…?”

Noze: “When I was in middle school. We were on our way home when a car from the opposite lane came into our lane.”

Noze: “My father swerved to avoid the car and crashed head on into a utility pole.”

Hoshi: “…”

Noze: “I was safe in the back seat, but the man that caused the accident was terrible.”

Noze: “Even though he had caused the accicent, he testified that he saw my father slam into the pole on his own.”

Hoshi: “That’s just awful…”

Noze: “However, the police offers that responded didn’t trust his testimony.”

Noze: “Even though I was just a child, they listened to everything I had to say.”

Noze: “Thanks to that, the insurance paid out and I was able to go to school.”

Hoshi: “So you chose to become a police officer…”

Noze: “Yeah. Having an occupation where I could save even a single life sounded wonderful.”

Noze: “Knowing how things work on the inside now, I was being a bit altruistic, but…”

Noze laughs helplessly in the dimly lit room.

Hoshi: “Are you happy that you became a police officer…?”

Noze: “I’m not entirely sure.”

Noze: “I’ve seen more than enough of humanity’s capability for terrible things. I don’t think I would with another job.”

Hoshi: “Noze…”

Noze: “Even if you close a case, it’s usually not entirely neat. It’s hard to feel like you’ve ever succeeded.”

Hoshi: “I’m… I’m glad that you became a police officer.”

Noze: “Why?”

Hoshi: “Because that’s why you saved me.”

Noze: “This has nothing to do with my job. I would have saved you even if I wasn’t a police officer.”

Hoshi: “Your sense of justice saved me.”

Noze: “I wonder…? I just…”

Hoshi: “You just…?”

Noze: “The moment I saw you, I knew I couldn’t just leave you alone…”

Hoshi: “What…?”


(Scene 4 of 5)

Noze: “The moment I saw you, I knew I couldn’t just leave you alone…”

Hoshi: “What…?”

Noze: “Ah, I’m just… such a guy… I’ve said something weird yet again. Sorry.”

Hoshi: “…”

Even though we’re wrapped up in the blanket together, Noze tries his hardest to not touch me.

I know that he’s probably thinking of my best interest, but…

【Options: 1. “I… don’t mind…”, 2. “Can we hold hands…?”, 3. “Your kiss… made me feel calm…”】

Hoshi: “Your kiss… made me feel calm…”

Noze: “What…?”

Hoshi: “…”

Noze: “I-I did that because I was unsure of what else to do in the moment…”

Hoshi: “But… I was glad…”

Noze: “U-Umm, your cooking is some of the best I’ve ever had!”

Noze: “I’m fairly sure that when your memory comes back, you’ll have been 3 star restaurant chef.”

Noze changes the subect to avoid talking about it any further.

I find myself wondering what I can do to save his feelings.

His sense of justice, ethics, his life as a police officer. Whatever he thinks of Mao…

Noze: “Sorry, I’ve kept you up even longer…”

Hoshi: “No, I”m glad. Glad that I got to know how you feel.”

Noze: “I see.”

Staying like this much longer seemed like it would be terrible for him.

I get out from under the blanket and head back to the bed.

A moment later, I hear Noze getting back onto the couch.


(Scene 5 of 5)

When I wake up the next day, there’s no sign of Noze. There’s just a note saying he’ll be back later.

Hoshi: “I wonder if he’s worried about tomorrow night?”

I can’t help but wonder what he thinks about me.

And what I would have thought of him before.

Without my memory, I’m not quite sure if my feelings are right or not.

Hoshi: “I’ll stay here and wait for him all day until I understand…”

Knowing I can’t avoid the constant thinking, I suddenly flip on the television.

There’s a morning news program on.

There had apparently been a murder.

Hoshi: “…What the? That place…”

There’s an ivy-covered apartment building on the television. Something about it hits me.

“I… know that place!”

(Screen fades to white)


Preview – Next Episode Preview

Newscaster: “… The body was found three days after the previous murder…”

Newscaster: “The victim that was discovered was one Naoko Sakaki, who lived in the apartment…”

Hoshi: “I knew the apartment of the first victim as well…”

Hoshi: “Am I… connected to these two incidents?”

? ? ?: “H-Hey!”

Hoshi: “No! Where are you taking me!?”

? ? ?: “Calm down. Look at me, Hoshi.”

Hoshi: “… Huh?”

【Noze’s 1st Story: 80】


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